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Three Chords and a Cloud of Dust - Live
Track Listing    
1. Youth is Confusion
2. How Do You Feel  
3. Get Over Me  
4. You Need Me  
5. Everywhere I Turn  
6. Nightshade  

Recorded Live at The Newport in Columbus, Ohio, on Friday, January 14th, with special guest The Flying Saucers.

Herb Schupp - The Drum Kit & Fine Cuisine
Colin Gawel - Guitars, Vocals, & Weather Reports
Joe Oestreich - Basses, Vocals, & Forklift Driving

Mike "Biggie" McDermott - Casual Manager & Scapegoat
"The Kid" Andy Hindman - Experimental Tunings & Scapegoat

Off The Bench:
Dave "Built For Speed" Cook - Engine Overhauls & Flame Painting
Jared "Guns" Butler - The best 6th Man in the game
David "Quiet Storm" Martin - Sparkling Prose & Angelic Phone Voices
Bob "Come To Papa" Ferry - Sound Reinforcement Extroardinaire
John "Jr Bac Che" McDermott - Power Lifting
Jim & Dan - Performance Audio

Produced by Peter Denenberg, Frankie LaRocka & Watershed
Engineered by Peter Denenberg
Recorded Live at The Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH 1/14/94
Mixed by Peter Denenberg & Frankie LaRocka
Mixed at Acme Studio, Mamaroneck, NY
Assistant at Acme - Derrick Garrett
Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, NYC
Live Sound - Troy Kliesch & Jeff Michaels
Art Diection & Layouts - J. Scott Blanton & Tom Linzell
Photography - Tom Linzell, Eric Pickerill & Carmen Faulkner
Management - Crisis Manegement/DAS Communications
A&R Direction - Frankie LaRocka
Lawyerly Advice - Russell Carter & Mark Gams
Business Affairs - Richard Oestreich

All songs by Gawel/Oestreich - Larry Funderbunk Music (ASCAP)

We would like to dedicate this EP to the memory of Terry Paul, who passed away the morning of this show.   The Newport will not be the same

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